20230501-1831EDT Stacy to Chad re:




How dare you turn this around to benefit you.  So you are treating me bad, you still feel the same way as you did before Friday's Reconciliation and you are looking for an annullment.  You say it is because I found out that you are just holding your anger and feelings insided of you, you still blame me for putting you in jail, you still blame me for the whole failure of the relationship, you still see me as a retard.

By you saying that If I don't return to you, that I am a child you have just proven what I have just complained about here in this paragraph.

Unless you figure out how to forgive me for putting you in jail, there is not chance of a reconciliation.  Unless you stop putting me down by calling me a child when I don't agree with you, or get hurt by your hurtful worlds and judgements.  Unless you stop putting out all this forwards to all these people that will help you with the annullmement their is not chance of us getting back together.  

You seem to be enjoying yourself by thinking you have so much knowledge about abuse and how child abuse feels that you take such liberties with who you write to.

How dare you tell me you wanted a reconciliation and then you threaten me with a divorce and annullment.  Here is the proof with your very prepared email to the Psychiatrist, and Archdiocese of Toronto.  You lied to me when you said you wanted to reconcile.  The fact that you have written to these people shows how little love and respect you have for me.

You see me as a sick individual and there is no love in you for me.  When I overlooked to see that at the Italian restaurant you almost screamed at me saying angrily that I left you.  Instead of been happy to see me and  apologizing for how rudely you treated me and how you insulted me before I left, you started getting angry with me.  Why do you mock me saying that I am a 14 year old girl and not an adult woman?  At this time I am more then hurt but disgusted that you are trying to manipulate me into returning and you don't see your treatment as abusive.

If you are so sorry why do you pepper your email with insults.  You fail to understand what love is.  it is very clear you don't love me and you wish to dissolve this marital union.  Take you statistics and references and shove it, you don't love me or know me.  I didn't mind the name change you are lying to make yourself look better in front of the archdiocese.  you are a dishonest man.