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Gripping, sly, suspenseful, deeply haunting and often darkly funny, The Shards is a mesmerizing fusing of fact and fiction that brilliantly explores the emotional fabric of Bret's life at 17 - sex and jealousy, obsession and murderous rage. Publisher: Swift Press. ISBN: 9781800752290. Number of pages: 608. Dimensions: 234 x 153 mm. MEDIA REVIEWS.

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April 18, 2023 10:53am. Bret Easton Ellis Casey Nelson; Knopf. EXCLUSIVE: Bret Easton Ellis' The Shards, which is both a podcast and novel, is in the works at HBO as a drama series, Deadline has.

Bret Easton Ellis trasformerà il suo romanzo The Shards in una serie per HBO

Download and read the ebook version of The Shards by Bret Easton Ellis on Apple Books. The Sunday Times Bestseller 'A full-spectrum triumph' Guardian A sensational new ‎Fiction & Literature · 2023.

The Shards Bret Easton Ellis Post Centre

Bret, the 17-­year-old protagonist of Bret Easton Ellis's sprawling new novel, "The Shards," has been left alone at his parents' house on Mulholland Drive for months at the start of his.

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Knopf. It's been a dozen years since Bret Easton Ellis published a novel. And his latest, The Shards, is a narrative that came to him in 1981 — more than four decades ago — when he was a 17.

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The Shards by Bret Easton Ellis is published by Swift Press (£25). To support the Guardian and Observer order your copy at Delivery charges may apply.

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The Shards is a 2023 autofiction/horror novel by American author Bret Easton Ellis, published on January 17, 2023, by Alfred A. Knopf.Ellis's first novel in 13 years, The Shards is a fictionalized memoir of Ellis's final year of high school in 1981 in Los Angeles. The novel was first serialized by Ellis as an audiobook through his podcast on Patreon.

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It takes us back to our discovery of his daring world, a time that then seemed dangerous but now seems innocent. In this context, reading it is a strange, sobering and moving experience. The.

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The Shards is another Bret Easton Ellis novel in which the author includes a warped version of himself as a character: this time, 17-year-old Bret Ellis is a student at Buckley, a prestigious LA prep school, in the 1980s. One can assume many details of the plot, in which Bret parties with his similarly wealthy friends and struggles with his.

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Share. Resize. Listen. (4 min) The year is 1981 and Bret Ellis is a 17-year-old senior at the prestigious Los Angeles Buckley School in Bret Easton Ellis's newest novel, "The Shards.". He.

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The Shards. By Bret Easton Ellis. Knopf: 608 pages, $30. If you buy books linked on our site, The Times may earn a commission from, whose fees support independent bookstores. " The.

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The Sunday Times Bestseller 'A full-spectrum triumph' Guardian A sensational new novel from the bestselling author of Less Than Zero and American Psycho that tracks a group of privileged Los Angeles high school friends as a serial killer strikes across the city. His first novel in 13 years, The Shards is Bret Easton Ellis at his inimitable best. LA, 1981. Buckley College in hea

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Bret Easton Ellis The Shards: Signed Edition (Hardback) £25 at Waterstones. Coincidentally, or maybe not, a murderer, nicknamed the Trawler — ski mask, butcher's knife — is abducting and.

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The Shards: A novel. Hardcover - January 17, 2023. Bret Easton Ellis's masterful new novel is a story about the end of innocence, and the perilous passage from adolescence into adulthood, set in a vibrantly fictionalized Los Angeles in 1981 as a serial killer begins targeting teenagers throughout the city.

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10/24/2022. Bret Easton Ellis, the narrator of this ponderous work of autofiction set in 1980s Los Angeles from bestseller Ellis, is a private school senior with literary ambitions who's fascinated by books and movies; he has already started writing his first novel, Less Than Zero.But Ellis the grown-up author ups the ante in several ways: he depicts a lavish lifestyle fueled by money and.

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E ach episode of Bret Easton Ellis's long-running podcast begins with a monologue - sometimes a review, sometimes a mildly provocative essay, pillorying the culture's supposed new puritans.