19 Epic Beard Styles Without Mustache (Styling Guide)

30 Popular Beard without Mustache Styles [2019 Ideas]

1. The Chinstrap Beard. The chinstrap beard is popular among those who prefer a style with no moustache. This style of facial hair runs along the jawline and connects to the sideburns - resembling a strap around the chin. It typically involves shaving the cheeks and neck, leaving a thin strip of hair along the jawline.

40 Best Ways to Rock Beard without Mustache in 2024

6. Medium Stubble. Another simple beard-without-mustache style is the medium stubble. Simply maintain a 5 o'clock shadow look without a mustache, and you're all set.

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I think a mustache-less beard looks best when it's short with a sharp neck and cheek line. That's just my take on it, though. I really prefer the whole package. yes it can be done. I've consistently had a beard w/o mustache for many years now. I shave the mo because my wife really dislikes it.

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Chin curtain. The next example of a beard without mustache is the chin curtain. Your sideburns are longer and are connected to hair on your cheeks and on your chin. Everything is fully connected, so you basically have a full beard, but just no mustache. Abraham Lincoln is a famous example of this beard without mustache.

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A mustache typically grows between the nose and the upper lip. A beard, on the other hand, grows on the cheeks, jaw, and chin. Beards symbolize a man's masculinity, sexual prowess, strength, and in some way, their status in society, whereas mustaches mainly symbolize assertive masculinity. Mustache styles and beard styles are also different.

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Growing a beard without a mustache is a style choice that's both classic and versatile, appealing to many for various reasons. Whether you're aiming for a distinct look due to personal preference, practicality, or an inability to grow a full mustache, there's a beard style out there for you.

70 Stunning Beard Styles Without Mustache [Top Picks]

5. Patchy Curly Beard for Black Men. This extended circle beard is a perfect choice if you're looking for a beard style without a mustache. Along with being easy to maintain, it's a style that keeps a curly beard in check and doesn't take attention away from your hair. 6.

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The Goatee: The goatee, a classic beard style, offers versatility with or without a mustache. When worn without a mustache, it exudes a contemporary and rugged charm. A goatee typically consists of a tuft of beard on the chin, which can be complemented by a soul patch (more on that later).

40 Best Ways to Rock Beard without Mustache in 2023

I have never seen a beard look good sans mustache. Truth be told though you do have quite weak mustache growth, so IMO you'd have a better look overall with a shorter and tidier beard. But however you keep the beard, keep the mustache. Reply reply. Waqarmk007.

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It's a handsome, unique look, making it one of our favorite beard variations without a mustache. 8. The Chinstrap. The chinstrap beard is seeing a resurgence in the modern day as one of the most common types of beard because it's short and doesn't take long to grow.

40 Best Ways to Rock Beard without Mustache in 2023

Beard: Be prepared for regular trims, washing, conditioning, and the occasional application of beard oil or balm to keep your mane tamed. Mustache: While mustaches typically require less maintenance than beards, you'll still need to trim, comb, and possibly use some wax to keep your 'stache lookin' sharp. 4.

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Growing your style of beard takes some work. A new trend takes part of the maintenance struggle away. Beards without mustaches may seem like a new development in facial hair, but actually, this look dates back to the days of Abraham Lincoln in the 1860s.. A beard without a mustache is typically known as a chin curtain or chin strap, and it's made for those who want a beard along their.

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First, similar to the Amish beard, the Islamic beard grows out from the side to the chin, and all regions in between. What makes this beard without mustache styles unique is the trimming and shaving pattern. To make this beard style work, the shape of the top of the beard needs to resemble the letter "U".

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Are you ready to break free from the ordinary and embrace your unique style? Look no further than a beard without a mustache! This unconventional facial hair choice is gaining popularity among men who want to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd.

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6: Chin strap with Goatee. source. Combining the chin strap with a goatee is the best way to have a complete look on your face even without a mustache. First, shape your beard from one sideburn to the other with the thickness of your choice. Combine this beard with a thick layer on the chin and an extended soul patch.