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Jeremy's ad shows clips about the evacuation of Poland following the German invasion in WWII, overlaid with various news anchors' reports about the events, and finally ends with the catchphrase "VW Scirocco: Berlin to Warsaw in one tank". Jeremy asks the audience to, through a show of hands, determine which ad was the best.

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Berlin to Warsaw in one tank' - a reference to Adolf Hitler's decision to invade Poland. The clip has been posted on video-sharing website YouTube prompting a debate about whether it was.

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Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear German ad joke receives complaints. LONDON - An episode of Top Gear featuring DDB London has received a number of complaints after the presenter Jeremy Clarkson made a spoof Volkswagen ad that joked about Germany's invasion of Poland. by Kate Nettleton.

German engineering.

The joke was the Poland to Warsaw part. The one tank part is about the car and how efficient it is, not a joke.. Its about making a joke on the ad where it says "One tank from berlin to warsaw" in which actually means you can reach berlin to warsaw in one full gas tank of the car. People are making jokes about it in which, it could also mean.

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CanyonAg77. 2:19p, 2/24/24. AG. Wouldn't be the first time German tanks went from Berlin to Warsaw. 2. Centerpole90. In reply to CanyonAg77 • 9:01p, 2/24/24. AG. CanyonAg77 said:

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Top Gear S13E07: Berlin to Warsaw in one tank as soon as i heard "Poland", i knew this would be the result. when in doubt. quotes from the episode:


Panzer 3s and 4s weren't wonder-weapons but they were pretty good and good doctrinal use acted as a force multiplier for them. This also applies to early German aircraft like the BF109 and Stuka.

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2014 VW Scirocco R, the official car of driving from Berlin to Warsaw in one tank. Share Sort by: Best. Open comment sort options. Best. Top. New. Controversial. Old. Q&A. Add a Comment. sadandaimless1

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Berlin to Warsaw, in one tank! Top Gear. Show less. Recommended. 1:39. I. Up next. Berlin exhibition to remeber Warsaw Resistence | Journal. DW (English) 5:14. The final drive! Wolfsburg to Warsaw (via Berlin and Poznan!) talkSPORT. 0:32. Marches for LGBT rights in Warsaw and Berlin after Pride attack in Poland.

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So yes. Average fuel consumption for an economical ride of about 100kmh on the highway will bring the 2.0 TDi engine to around 4.5l/100km. With a 55 liter tank that approximates to a 1222km range. That means the Scirocco TDi can go from Berlin to Warsaw and back on a single tank easily. And still have plenty of fuel left.

Berlin to Warsaw in one tank! r/TopGear

2013 VW Golf: Berlin to Warsaw in One Tank. Purchased in 2019 w/ 59k miles to be my road warrior for work, but rarely have long drives these days. Runs on 87 octane and averages 30 MPG. 33 MPG highway is easily attainable and I've tickled 38-39 MPG a few times with favorable speed, terrain, and tailwind. With a 14 gallon tank, about the time.

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Berlin to Warsaw in one tank." After the clip was posted on the video sharing website YouTube, Poles used the comments field to angrily criticise Clarkson's reference to the Second World War.

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The final written line in the ad said: "Volkswagen Scirocco TDI - from Berlin to Warsaw in one tank." The live audience enjoyed the joke, however some viewers of the segment on YouTube have been.

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From Berlin to Warsaw in one tank - an amazing yet achievable feat - is a great way to explore two of Europe's most majestic cities. Taking one full tank of gas, you'll be able to cover 576.2 km (358.2 miles) of beautiful countryside, old-world villages, winding highways and volcanic mountains. You'll have the opportunity to witness.