Nono Cocoa Spice Vegan Chocolate Gift Box By Functional Food Company

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Drinking chocolate, brownies, toffee, bark, truffles, & more. Bean-to-bar library! Back to Cart Secure checkout by Square Helpful Information Shipping Policy We utilize UPS and USPS for shipping orders. Most orders will be shipped within 5 business days of receipt. Typically we ship on Monday or Tuesday to ensure it is received before the weekend.

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Come discover this bistro's specialty: a unique blended-spice hot chocolate. You'll also find a daily menu offering a vast choice of coffees, teas, chocolates, beers and more.. A unique chocolate factory where cocoa beans are transformed into exceptional chocolate. The shop is overflowing with chocolate. Try the macaroons, the desserts

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Oaxacan Spice. On some days you just need a little extra celebration and motivation, and this enhanced ceremonial cacao elevates you quickly as our blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cayenne get your circulation pulsing. The spices are warming and quicken the effect of the cacao, making it a cold weather favorite, but we'll happily drink.

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All cacao is sourced from a biodiverse environment, with minimal steps between the cacao farmers and the shop, ensuring Direct Trade and slave-free chocolate. Also has single-origin teas, locally roasted coffee, spices from the original Spice Islands, and cacao juice. Open Wed-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-19:00, Sun 12:00-17:00. Closed Mon-Tue.

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Delicious gourmet chocolate, gifts and recipes at our online chocolate shop and in-stores. Shop Today! Ghirardelli chocolate has been making life a bite better since 1852.. 60% Cacao Chocolate Chips 5lb Bag . Special Price $45.01 Regular Price $52.95. Add to Cart . Add to Wish List. 72% Cacao Chocolate Chips 5lb Bag.

Nono Cocoa Spice Vegan Chocolate Gift Box By Functional Food Company

Cocoa & Spice was established in February 2015. We are a small chocolate business located next to FIREFLY Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA. In 2020, we entered the craft chocolate world and started making our own chocolate from the cacao bean for our truffles. All of our products are handmade in small batches. Meet the Chocolatier - Jennifer Mowad

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Mini Comptoir du Cacao Chocolate. $5.00. Style. Style. Milk Chocolate & Pecans . Dark Chocolate & Hazelnuts . Dark Chocolate & Candied fruit . Milk Chocolate & Salted Butter Caramel. We are Canada's oldest speciality spice shop located in Toronto, Canada. We offer a large selection of herbs, spices and seasonings both whole and ground.

Nono Cocoa Spice Vegan Chocolate Gift Box By Functional Food Company

Cacao & Spice Chocolate and Ganache Amsterdam are two other Downtown Amsterdam chocolatiers I didn't have the chance to visit,. An unassuming corner chocolate shop, T Goede Soet offers an array of chocolate-covered and -shaped treats, a couple dozen flavors of bonbons, and a small selection of macarons and pastries..

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Spicy Adaptogenic Drinking Chocolate A spicy adaptogenic drinking chocolate calling on the element of fire to invigorate the senses and warm the spirit. Handmade with a blend of traditional spices and adaptogenic Maca root to balance and energize. We handcraft our chocolate in small batches from single origin cacao and

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Cacao & Spice is a specialty chocolate shop located at the oldest canal of Amsterdam. The shop is lead by a couple who have been entrepeneurs in the old city center for over 10 years, and work with a team of local and professional guides: "We are involved in many social & cultural projects in the old city center and have good contacts with many residents, entrepeneurs & non-profits in the area.

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Cacao is the food of the gods. Stone ground dark chocolate is a nourishing and refreshing tradition thousands of years in the making, used as sacred incense, delicious spice or as gift currency. The beauty, power, and versatility of cacao and chocolate are undeniable. The Dundas Chocolate Shop specializes in chocolate produced from horizontally traded…

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Chocolates handcrafted in Charlottesville, VA. Drinking chocolate, brownies, toffee, bark, truffles, & more. Bean-to-bar library!

Nono Cocoa Spice Vegan Chocolate Gift Box By Functional Food Company

Spicy. Rich. Decadent. This candy bar is for grown folks with it's rich, spicy dark chocolate ganache, sea salt caramel and tortilla crunch. Enjoy with a glass of bold red wine or a cup of coffee.


Lightly hickory smoked cacao nibs ground with beautiful chai spices and a little bit of salt for an intriguingly floral, slightly savory bar that is unlike anything you've tasted. Ingredients: Hickory Smoked Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Cardamom, Cloves, Salt, Black Pepper, Ginger, Mint. Net Weight: 2.6 ounces(72 grams)

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Welcome Autumn with their NEW Pumpkin Spice Mini Bar. Tantalize your taste buds with your favorite fall spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger flavored marshmallow meets our delectable fleur de sel caramel. And it is all covered with otheir custom 66% dark chocolate blend.

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Choco de Léa est une chocolaterie écoresponsable qui produit son chocolat vegan à partir des fèves de cacao provenant du commerce direct.. Chocolat au "lait" d'avoine "pumpkin spice" $12.50. Votre panier. Laisser une note . Total. $0.00 CAD. Les taxes et la livraison sont calculés à la caisse. Continuer à magasiner. Caisse.