June 29, 1970, Jersey City Armory . Liston vs Wepner, Sonny's last fight. Boxing History, We

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Wepner also scored notable wins over Randy Neumann and former world heavyweight champion Ernie Terrell. He was also the last man to fight former undisputed world heavyweight champion Sonny Liston. Wepner's boxing career, and fight with Ali after, inspired the 1976 film Rocky, and other life events were chronicled in the 2016 film, Chuck.

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Sonny Liston halted Chuck Wepner six months before his demise. IN Jersey City, New Jersey on June 29, 1970, former world heavyweight champion Sonny Liston fought for the last time when he halted.

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Former heavyweight champion Charles "Sonny" Liston was officially 38 years old. Chuck Wepner, AKA "The Bayonne Bleeder," was 31 years of age. The two fought a half-century ago today in.

June 29, 1970, Jersey City Armory . Liston vs Wepner, Sonny's last fight. Boxing History, We

An aging Sonny Liston takes on the tough Chuck Wepner in the last fight of his life and career.

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Getty Images. Sonny Liston became world heavyweight champion in 1962 and fought Muhammad Ali twice. In January 1971, former heavyweight champion of the world Sonny Liston was found dead at his Las.

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Chuck Wepner 36: 14: 2: 17 KOs 9 KOs; wiki. Box-pro Box-am All Bouts division: heavy. Sonny Liston: 49 4 0: Armory, Jersey City. Felix. Wepner down in fifth from a body punch; fight stopped by ring doctor after round 9 because of multiple cuts on Wepner's face. 1970-01-26: Manuel Ramos: 22 9 2: Madison Square Garden, New York W-UD. event.

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Sonny Liston's final fight before his suspicious death in 1970. His opponent this night would be future World Heavyweight title challenger, Chuck Wepner. M.

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Chuck Wepner was a journeyman boxer who fought in the 1960s and '70s against famous figures like Sonny Liston and Muhammad Ali.. X/@tornadofist Sonny Liston's match against Chuck Wepner was Liston's final fight before his death in 1970. It was a brutal match, one that left Wepner's face covered in blood. For most people, such a defeat.

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In late June of 1970, Sonny Liston ventured to New Jersey where he dismantled Chuck Wepner in nine gory rounds. For this assignment, the former heavyweight champion was paid in cash. But when Liston returned to Las Vegas, every cent of it was gone. Lem Banker knows the story. Banker was in Liston's traveling party.

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At 196 cm, Chuck Wepner is the taller of the two by 11 cms; Sonny Liston is 185 cm. Despite being the shorter fighter, Liston has a significantly longer reach of 213 cm, which is 17 cms longer than Wepner's 196 cm. Liston also has a 28 cm ape index advantage over Wepner. Liston is coming in to this fight with a record of 49-4 (38 KOs).

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Liston, by comparison, was at the other end of his fighting life. He was in Jersey City for a 10-round contest with local heavyweight, and former marine, Chuck Wepner.

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Boxing. Sonny Liston vs Chuck Wepner. Jun. 29, 1970. Armory, Jersey City, New Jersey, United States.

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Hard-nosed brawler Chuck Wepner was a heavyweight contender in the late 1960s and 1970s. During his career he shared a ring with Sonny Liston, George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, the latter bout providing the main inspiration for the movie Rocky. Wepner was born in New York City on February 26, 1939. At a young age […]

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Chuck Wepner's most famous fight was a defeat, but his blood-soaked legend lives on in New Jersey.. But it was his mid-career fight against Sonny Liston, in 1970, that Wepner felt would be his.

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Watch the brutal clash between Sonny Liston and Chuck Wepner, one of the most bloody bouts in boxing history. This video shows the full fight in HD quality, with commentary and analysis. See how.

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On June 29, 1970, Sonny Liston squared off against Chuck Wepner in a heavyweight fight. Liston came into the fight with a 49-4 record but was coming off of a loss in his last bout.