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The correct way is "have lunch". This phrase does not need the word "a" because "lunch" here is an uncountable noun. It refers to the idea of eating this meal, not to a specific lunch. On the other hand, if you add "a" before lunch, it sounds like you are talking about a specific lunch event or meeting. So, remember, when.

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"A lunch" in your example (in a business context, anyway) would generally mean "a lunch meeting". In other words, "I am not scheduled to meet anyone for lunch tomorrow." "Lunch", by contrast, would simply refer to the meal, or the food you eat in the middle of the day. So: "I'm not going to eat anything tomorrow between morning and evening."

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I think "have lunch" is used to mean eating food (solid food or fluid food), and "have a lunch" is used to mean having an eating occasion. Am I right? 2 Likes. Anglophile October 15, 2016, 6:12am 2. Yes, you are rather right. We usually use 'lunch' without any article when we mean it as the normal food we eat.

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Let's go have lunch, John. Great, let's go now. idioms: have lunch, have breakfast, have tea, have dinner, have supper. I'm organizing a lunch for Mary, John.Will you be able to attend? Yes, I'd love to come to a lunch for Mary.; I was planning a cocktail party, but your idea of a lunch is better.; idiomatic expression of an eating [ha ha] event: a lunch, a dinner, a tea, a supper

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Lunch "Lunch" with no article is the most common form of having a meal in the middle of the day. The word "lunch" is commonly colocated with the verbs "to have", "to eat" or "go(out) for". Let's have lunch on the balcony.

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1 Answer. Lucifer better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. Added an answer on August 18, 2021 at 8:38 am. Correct: "Have a lunch". Incorrect: "Have lunch". According to the Guardian, "have a lunch" is correct. In British English, "have a" is absolutely fine where Americans say "have," but "have a" is not used.

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I used to think that the verb have can only be used when we talk about meals, which means an occasion when people sit down to eat food, especially breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But I see native speakers say: I eat breakfast. I mean they use the verb eat for a meal like breakfast or dinner. So my questions are: Is this common to say "I am eating breakfast, lunch or dinner" for a meal time?

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The best answer is, "Have you eaten lunch yet?" The present perfect form is used to show a period of time from the past until right now, and that's what the speaker really wants to know. Asking "Did you eat lunch" means at some time in the past (yesterday? last week?), but it doesn't include the time that continues until right now.

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7. Reply. [deleted] • 11 yr. ago. Just my personal opinion but "have lunch" to me is short for "having/taking your lunch break" whereas "eating your lunch" refers to the actual act of eating around lunch time. So basically having lunch can refer to a wider set of circumstances (including simply "eating lunch") than "eating lunch" can. 4.

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The phrase "having lunch" expresses the general idea of having a meal in the middle of the day; thus, we do not generally include the article "a" in front of it. I've just had lunchwith Olivia. However, If there is an adjective before "lunch", we need a determiner to identify or quantify the noun. We had a nice lunch. We had nice.

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Singapore. Chinese. May 28, 2013. #1. Recently I am shocked to learn from a dictionary that it is grammatical to say "I eat lunch/dinner/meals " instead of "I have lunch/dinner/meals". I want to know whether it is natural to say "I eat lunch/dinner/meals" for native speakers. People in Hong Kong normally feel "to eat lunch/dinner/meals" is of.

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Yesterday, one of my friend updated his status Eating lunch at a hotel. I thought that Having lunch at a hotel is correct.. So, I did a quick search on Google and got mixed responses. Google fetched about 15,90,00,000 results for eat lunch.While, for have lunch, it fetched around 42,50,00,000 results. From these results, it is sure that both are used.

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In short, the correct answer is: 'Have lunch' is the correct way to say the phrase. 'Have a lunch' is usually incorrect. Although, if someone is referring to individually wrapped lunch packs, they might tell someone they can 'have a lunch.'. You might also see it when used with compound nouns that include the word lunch.

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1. Most often you would interchangeably use either of the following, meaning you had an occasion of consuming the meal at that time. I had lunch at two thirty. I ate lunch at two thirty. Now, if you closely looked at the length or speed of the eating action, and wanted to tell the listener that you consumed the food quickly, you would say 4.