20 Love Verses from Song of Solomon to Share with Your Love

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This last segment ( 8:8-14) is in some sense also a return to the beginning, as references to the beloved's brothers, to her vineyard and to Solomon (the king) link 8:8-12 with 1:2-6. In this song of love the voice of the beloved is dominant. It is her experience of love, both as the one who loves and as the one who is loved, that is most.

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Solomon's Love Expressed. 4 "[ a]How beautiful you are, my darling, [ b]How beautiful you are! Your eyes are like doves behind your veil; Your hair is like a flock of goats. That have descended from Mount Gilead. 2 Your teeth are like a flock of newly shorn sheep. Which have come up from their watering place,

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Song of Solomon 2:3 KJV. As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. Read full chapter. Song of Solomon 2:4 KJV. He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love. Read full chapter. Song of Solomon 2:7 KJV

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Most Popular Song of Solomon Verses. His mouth is most sweet, and he is altogether desirable. This my beloved and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem. - Song of Solomon 5:16. I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. - Song of Solomon 2:1. My beloved is mine, and I am his; he grazes among the lilies.

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God's banner of us was His love. Song of Solomon 2:4 He brought me to the banqueting house, And his banner over me was love. (NKJV) 8. God sustains with scripture and through prayer. Song of Solomon 2:5 Sustain me with cakes of raisins, Refresh me with apples, For I am lovesick. (NKJV) 9. Winter doesn't last forever.

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Song of Solomon 2:1. " I am the rose of Sharon, The lily of the valleys.". 2. Song of Solomon 1:2. " May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine. 3. Song of Solomon 2:3.

20 Love Verses from Song of Solomon to Share with Your Love

Desire and Longing. In the Song of Solomon, the lovers express a deep and intense desire for each other, going beyond mere physical attraction. Their longing extends to a profound emotional yearning to be together and share life's moments. This desire, rooted in a strong emotional connection, highlights the strength and depth of their love.. The poem beautifully captures the longing of the.

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love. Song of Solomon 5:8 I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if ye find my beloved, that ye tell him, that I am sick of love.. Verses 6, 7. - Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the flashes thereof are flashes of fire, a very flame of the Lord. Many.


Verse 2-ch. 2:7. - Part I. MUTUAL LOVE. Song of Shulamith in the royal chambers. Chorus of ladies, daughters of Jerusalem. Verse 2. - Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. Whether we take these words as put in the lips of the bride herself, or of the chorus as identifying themselves with her, is of little consequence.

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The Song of Songs, which is Solomon's. The Bride Confesses Her Love - She Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine; your anointing oils are fragrant; your name is oil poured out; therefore virgins love you. Draw me after you; let us run. The king has brought me into his chambers. OthersWe will exult and rejoice in you; we will extol your love more.

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The main theme of the Song of Solomon is love. The word love in its various forms appear about 60 times in this book. The book describes the love between Solomon and the Shulammite girl. For the unmarried. The importance of chastity. (Song of Songs 4:12 NIV) You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed.

In the Song of Solomon, the bride asks the beloved to kiss her. When we look at this verse as

New International Version. 1 Solomon's Song of Songs. She[ a] 2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—. for your love is more delightful than wine. 3 Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out. No wonder the young women love you! 4 Take me away with you—let us hurry!

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The verse in Song of Solomon 8:6-7 beautifully captures the essence of love's resilience: Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.

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Verse 4. - Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will make mention of thy love more than of wine: rightly do they love thee. This is best taken as all spoken by the bride. It is the language of the purest affection and adoring admiration. "I drew them," God says (), "with cords of a man, with bands of love."

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A Chronological Daily Bible Study of the Old Testament 7-Day Sections with a Summary-Commentary, Discussion Questions, and a Practical Daily Application. Week 33. Sunday (Song of Songs 1) Title/Superscription. 1:1 Solomon's Most Excellent Love Song. The Desire for Love. 1:2 The Beloved to Her Lover:. Oh, how I wish you would kiss me passionately!


1. Sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage and should be highly honored and protected. There is a "charge" given three times in the Song of Solomon, reminding us not to "arouse or awaken love until it so desires" (Song of Solomon 2:7, 3:5, 8:4). In modern-day TV shows and movies, you'll sometimes hear ambiguous advice given to teens to wait to have sex until "it feels right" or.