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I haven't seen Tess getting enough love. I thought she was pretty dang cool. I mean, she didn't

Actor Annie Wersching, who played the role of Tess in Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us video game, has died at the age of 45. Wersching was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 but continued to act.

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The actor for the video game version of Tess in The Last of Us, Annie Wersching, has died. She was 45. Wersching was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2020 and she died following a two-year battle against it yesterday, January 29. She is survived by her husband Stephen and her three children, Freddie, Ozzie, and Archie.

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The Last of Us is a pretty straightforward adaptation of the game, but some of the changes HBO is making feel pretty big, including Tess' death and the very weird infected kiss.

How Anna Torv's The Last of Us Performance Improved Tess

Theresa "Tess" Servopoulos[4] is a supporting character in The Last of Us. A hardened survivor, she was the long-term smuggling partner of Joel Miller. The pair made their living as smugglers in Boston, where they traded with survivors outside of the city.[5] She had a "dog-eat-dog" philosophy, similar to Joel and Ellie. Tess was born in Rockford, Illinois, on February 26, 1982.[1] After the.

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Tess, like in the video game version of "The Last of Us," is one of Joel's allies who is willing to risk everything to transport Ellie through the dangerous landscape.

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The Last of Us introduces Tess.The Last of Us is genre-defining experience blending survival and action elements to tell a character-driven story about a pop.

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Tess Servopoulos (Anna Torv) died at the end of The Last of Us Episode 2. Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Tess put their smuggler skills to work to deliver Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to the Fireflies, hoping to.

"She's a Top" Anna Torv Answers All Our Questions About Tess In HBO's 'The Last of Us

00:00. 01:48. The depression just keeps coming on The Last of Us. For its second week in a row, HBO' s big Sunday night drama has delivered another deeply upsetting character death. And just.

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Tess. Played by Anna torv. A smuggler and hardened survivor in a post-pandemic world. Stream all of HBO, plus hit series, movies, reality, and more.

The Last Of Us Tess Actress Passes Away At 45

Tess being killed by FEDRA is a political statement on the evil of a police state, but given how Joel's daughter Sarah is killed in the beginning of the game and TV series, it almost feels like.

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Tess's character design and attitude are more or less the same in both iterations of The Last of Us. She's known as the brains of the operation while Joel is the muscle. In the game, Tess is extremely protective of Ellie when they agree to take her to the Capitol Building.. At first, Tess was a bit cautious regarding Ellie in the HBO show but after learning more about her immunity, she.

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The Last of Us: Created by Neil Druckmann, Craig Mazin. With Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Anna Torv, Gabriel Luna. After a global pandemic destroys civilization, a hardened survivor takes charge of a 14-year-old girl who may be humanity's last hope.

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Annie Wersching, '24' actor and Tess in 'The Last of Us' video game, dies at 45. Actress Annie Wersching, best known for her roles on "24," "Bosch" and "Timeless," has died. She was 45. Wersching.

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Annie Wersching, who played Tess in the original The Last of Us video game, has died of cancer.The actor was 45 years old. Well known to the gaming community for playing Tess, Wersching also had a.

'The Last of Us' Episode 2, Explained What Happens to Tess?

Annie Wersching, '24' Actor and Tess in 'The Last of Us' Video Game, Dies at 45. Annie Wersching, an actor best known for her roles in " 24 " and "Bosch" and for originating the.

Tess The Last of Us wallpaper Game wallpapers 20912

The Last of Us HBO series has been impressively accurate to the games so far, but a couple of minor changes to Tess' story could be setting up bigger differences to come.